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STEALTH-10 ULTRA HD | Wet Sounds All-In-One Amplified Bluetooth® Soundbar With Remote

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STEALTH SERIES Sound Bars represent the world’s first universal high-performance plug and play sound system for Side by Side’s, ATV’s, golf carts, 4x4's - in fact anything! 

The patent-pending design is built with a full extruded aluminum housing which has the same styling as our Rogue 4 led light bars. 
Both STEALTH models feature a Bluetooth enabled Audio Receiver with a High-Performance speaker array and titanium dome tweeters for a rich and dynamic full range performance. 

They are powered by a full range class D amplifier that also features auxiliary inputs, 2 volt line driver output to link to another sound bar or to add external amplifier and speakers, waterproof connector, universal L mount brackets for end cap mounting or sliding top mount channel system, auto turn off feature to save battery life, backlit led illuminated control panel and a fully integrated wiring harness included. 

The Stealth Sound Bars are true High-Performance plug and play stealth audio system!

Full Specs
  • Extruded Aluminum Housing
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Eight Wet Sounds 3-inch full range marine drivers
  • Two Wet Sounds 1-inch titanium tweeters
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Auxiliary Inputs
  • Auxiliary output with 2-volt line driver
  • Built-in 300 watt full range class D amplifier
  • Aluminum L bracket mounting system
  • Sliding mount channel for add-on accessory top or bottom mounting system
  • Backlit control panel for power, volume, source selection, track control, pause/play on BT and Mute on aux input
  • Automatic Shut off system that turns itself off after 10 minutes of no source to not drain battery system
  • Water Proof screw on wiring harness
  • Fully jacketed waterproof wiring harness included

Technical Specs

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Speaker Size 3"
Mount Type / Made For L bracket
Impedance -
RMS Watts 300
PEAK Watts 600
Freqency Response (Hz) 40 hz-20kHZ
Efficiency (dB/W/m) -
Mounting Depth (mm) -
Hang Height 9 9/16" (242.88mm)
Dimensions Inches ( L x W x H ) 33" x 4 " x 3.7"
Width 3.92 inches
Depth 3.70 inches
Notes All specifications are for each Stealth 10