Wet Sounds XS-65 - Coaxial Speaker - 120 Watt - Silver

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Like their bigger brothers, the XS-65 is a 6.5-inch component style coaxial speaker, just with a lower wattage output. Silver Grille. Rubber Spider & Surround. Nylas frame/grille (Nylon Fiberglass). Injection molded composite cone. Horn Flare Titanium Tweeter. Rubber Magnet Boot. Sold as a pair.

Technical Specs

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Speaker Size 6.5 inches
Impedance -
RMS Watts 60
PEAK Watts 120
Freqency Response (Hz) -
Sensitivity 89db at 1watt / 1meter
Max Input (W) -
Max Output (W) -
Efficiency (dB/W/m) -
Mounting Depth (mm) -
Hole Cut Out 5.0 inches (127mm)
Diameter 6.8 inches w/grill (172.72 mm)
Notes All specifications are for each XS-65